Deployment View

Infrastructure Level 1

Describe (usually in a combination of diagrams, tables, and text):

  • the distribution of your system to multiple locations, environments, computers, processors, .. as well as the physical connections between them

  • important justification or motivation for this deployment structure

  • Quality and/or performance features of the infrastructure

  • the mapping of software artifacts to elements of the infrastructure

For multiple environments or alternative deployments please copy that section of arc42 for all relevant environments.

<Overview Diagram>


<explanation in text form>

Quality and/or Performance Features

<explanation in text form>

Mapping of Building Blocks to Infrastructure

<description of the mapping>

Infrastructure Level 2

Here you can include the internal structure of (some) infrastructure elements from level 1.

Please copy the structure from level 1 for each selected element.

<Infrastructure Element 1>

<diagram + explanation>

<Infrastructure Element 2>

<diagram + explanation>


<Infrastructure Element n>

<diagram + explanation>